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Establisment of Ancient City Ephesus

Ephesus ancient city was established  in BC century as a simple village.  In time the city  became  one of the most important capital of all the World in that period of history.
Famous architectural buildings  which attracts  millions of tourists from all over the world  is a reflection of the great abundance gathered in the city for hundreds of the years.
When should we come?
Ephesus can be visited  at any time of the year  thanks  to the  nice climate it has but if we have to choose, best time is April and May…
How long does it take to visit  the city?
Sightseeing takes for 2-3 hours. At first  it sounds too much but keep in mind that you are visiting  a metropolis. It is estimated for four hours when including House of virgin Mary and  Arthemis temple around the city .
Do I have to pay for the entrance?
Entrance bill is almost 15 $.

Visiting hours?
Summer time:1 April-1 October   Opening  Time:08:00  Closing Time:19:00
Winter time:1 October-1 April      Opening Time:08:30 Closing Time :18:00

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Ephesus in English
Ephesus city in Izmir, west coast of Turkey